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Ferraz Lynce - Your health is our commitment


FERRAZ, LYNCE, S.A. began as the agent of the German company Boehringer Mannheim that was looking for a representative in Portugal. It launched its activities in 1924 at Travessa da Glória, in the heart of Lisbon, looking out onto Avenida da Liberdade. By being committed to its work, it soon succeeded in attracting representations from other pharmaceutical companies, while Boehringer Mannheim achieved great scientific development, with the marketing of anti-hypertensive medicines, oral anti-diabetics and biochemical tests.



Later, as a fruit of its commercial development, it moved its premises to Rua Rosa Araújo, and later to FARMÁCIA INTERNACIONAL which the business had acquired in the meantime. With the collaboration of German technicians, it initiated the production of its own products, the best-known being Ergocol, a drug against obesity. Other medicines marketed under the Farmácia Internacional brand were manufactured in other national facilities until production reached a scale that justified the opening of a pharmaceuticals plant that was located at Avenida Defensores de Chaves. This company, called Laboratório IBERFAR - Produtos Farmacêuticos, S.A., began its activities in Portugal in 1951 and started manufacturing medicines that Ferraz, Lynce, S.A. had been importing from abroad and marketing until then.



Expansion projects led to the construction of a new plant in Queluz de Baixo in 1963 that was designed to respond to a rapid and considerable growth in production, thus becoming the first production unit of pharmaceutical specialities in Portugal. Fruit of technological development and progressive quality requirements, we bought the MSD plant in 1996 and the premises were completely remodelled (both in terms of construction and infrastructures) in order to attain the highest standards in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).



In 1997, LOGIFARMA, Logística Farmacêutica, S.A. became operational. It provides pharmaceutical logistics services and provides its clients and depositors with a whole range of other services, allowing them to focus on their corresponding core businesses by delegating these activities to a highly specialised company.




Today, FERRAZ, LYNCE, S.A. is a reference on the pharmaceutical market in Portugal, singled out by the Ethics, Compliance and Quality it imprints on all its activities. Its integration in a group of companies with a history in this industry of over 90 years truly strengthens these characteristics. Its corporate culture reflects the collective awareness with which it acts on a very special market, in which the interest of public health and the wellbeing of the population prevails over personal and commercial interests.

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