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Ferraz Lynce - Your health is our commitment


Since its foundation in 1924, Ferraz, Lynce, S.A. has always been a company that has devoted itself to doing its best to satisfy its clients by promoting good health and contributing towards a better society.


At Ferraz, Lynce, S.A. we believe in a better future and in value creation on the basis of collaboration with other bodies. We seek to further and strengthen those relationships to better adjust ourselves to the challenges and opportunities of a market as dynamic as the pharmaceutical market.


We favour partnerships for licensing products, as well as for manufacturing and distribution services with various international research companies. We act as partners and establish relationships of trust with clients.


We work with prescription drugs, OTC medicines which are directly sold in pharmacies and health products (medical devices and food supplements).

By manufacturing, marketing and promoting efficient and safe medicines, we strive to improve the quality of life of patients and provide a high level of satisfaction to all our partners and clients.



Ferraz, Lynce, S.A.’s commitment is to provide a wide range of products and services, with high levels of precision and quality.






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