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Ear protection in natural wax:

  • The most comfortable protection for prolonged use

  • Hypoallergenic and malleable

  • Adjusts perfectly to the shape of your ear canal

Ear protection in foam:

  • Soft, smooth and flexible foam

  • Anatomic design

Ear plugs
Cotton+Wax  16 Units
CNP: 6212027
Ear plugs
Natural foam  6 Units
CNP: 6139329
Ear plugs
Multi-coloured foam 
6 Units
CNP: 6778795

Ear protection in silicone:

  • Special for swimming

  • Water-resistant

  • Soft and extremely malleable

Ear plugs
Silicone adults 
6 Units
CNP: 6175653
Ear plugs
Silicone children 
6 Units
CNP: 6780817

Ear protection in silicone with cord:

  • Soft and flexible silicone

  • Easy to apply and remove

  • Ideal for intermittent noise

Ear plugs
Corded silicone
1 pair
CNP: 6119842

Ear protection for air travel:

  • Prevent discomfort when taking off and landing

  • Ceramic filter to adjust to variations in pressure

Ear band:

  • High density neoprene

  • Keeps ears protected from water, the cold and wind

  • Adjustable

Ear plugs
For air travel Adults
1 pair
CNP: 6778803
Ear plugs
For air travel Children
1 pair
CNP: 6778845
Ear band 
CNP: 6180075
Ear band 
CNP: 6180067